Friday, 9 October 2020

Friday, October 9th

 No homework.  Have a great weekend!

**I have moved to posting all work, digital or not, to Google Classroom.  If you are absent, check your Google Classroom to see what you missed.  

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Wednesday, October 7


Writing - Today's lesson was on adding dialogue to our personal narratives.  There is a handout in Google Classroom.

Reading - 


6 - Writing Pattern Rules (see Google Classroom)

7 - p. 130-131, #4-6, 8, 11, 12


6 - Plant Classification.  Work is in Google Classroom.

7 - Symbiosis.  Work is in Google Classroom.

Social Studies

6 - Canadian Identity.  We looked at the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and students made their own charter based on what they felt are the most important rights.  After students chose a prominent Canadian who was influential in fighting for rights and freedoms in Canada.

7 - What Shaped Canadien Culture?  See Google Classroom.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thursday, October 1


Terry Fox walk tomorrow.

Terry Fox fundraising information has been sent home via parent email.


Read for 30 minutes.

Reading Response letter due today.


Grade 6 - Review handout.

Grade 7 - Ch. 1 Self-Test #8-11 plus p. 35 #7 and 11

**Both grades have a unit test tomorrow.  Test information is in Google Classroom.


Grade 6 - Arthropods (Google Classroom)

Grade 7 - Consumers (Google Classroom)

Social Studies

Grade 6 - Vocabulary (Google Classroom)

Grade 7 - We'll finish up tomorrow.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Wednesday, September 30


Terry Fox Walk - Friday pm (students only)


Read for 30 minutes

Reading Response Letter due by end of day Thursday (you will have time in class tomorrow)


Grade 6: p. 127-128 #1-3, 8, 10, Reflect

Grade 7: p. 33 #1-6

**Both grades have a test on Friday.  Information has been posted in each grade's Google Classroom.


Grade 6: Compare and Contrast Animals Organizer, 3-Point Frame, and vocabulary (see Google Classroom)

Grade 7: Ecosystems questions and vocabulary (see Google Classroom)

Social Studies

Grade 6: Mapping Canada assignment (due tomorrow)

Grade 7: Sorting Important Events task (due tomorrow)

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Tuesday, September 29


Bring headphones (if you wish)

Terry Fox Walk (Friday afternoon)


Read for 30 minutes

Spelling (Friday)


Grade 6  - p. 121-124 #1-3, 6-9, 12 plus Mathletics

Grade 7 - p. 26-29 #5, 7, 8, 11-14, 17 plus Mathletics


Grade 6 - Animal Organizer

Grade 7 - Producers reading, questions, and diagram

Friday, 25 September 2020

Friday, September 25


Bring headphones if you wish.


Read for 30 minutes tonight.

First Writing Assignment due Oct 9 (see Google Classroom).


Gr 6 - Mathletics

Gr 7 - Mathletics


Gr 6 - Today we were in the shale pit for an Observation Lab.

Gr 7 - Today we were in the shale pit for an Observation Lab.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Tuesday, September 22


Today we read a poem called, "Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem Too."

Then we talked about the Reading Workshop rules and expectations.

After students spent 25 minutes writing in their journal and 20 minutes reading their independent novel.


Grade 6s were working on Comparing and Ordering Numbers up to one million.

Grade 7s were working on Factoring problems.

A reminder that the codes to join Google Classroom were posted in yesterday's blog.